The Michigan Pops Orchestra has a rich and diverse alumni network. Many past orchestra members continue to enjoy the "Pops Love" well after graduating. If you are a former member of the orchestra and would like to reconnect with old friends, please check out our alumni page!


Michigan Pops Alumni

Created by the Michigan Pops founder, Warren Hsu, the MPA brings orchestra alumni together to share the spirit of pops! Are you having trouble remembering the the name of that one second violinist? Have you lost touch with old Pops friends after graduating? Check out our alumni website to find the answers to those questions, and so much more.



Pops Shop

Know someone who is looking to show of their "pops love?" Check out the Pops Shop, where you can buy anything from mugs to t-shirts. There is something for everyone in the family!


Michigan Pops Alumni, Andrew Campbell and Cindy Lee

Michigan Pops Alumni, Andrew Campbell and Cindy Lee