Michigan Pops Orchestra

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Why Pops?

Pops is a community of musicians with diverse interests, all connected by our love for playing music. Not only do we play popular and exciting pieces from movies, shows, musicals, operas, and more, but we do it as a tight-knit group held together by late-night game nights, potlucks, and parties!

But by far the most rewarding part of Pops is, of course, concert day. Not only are we playing the music we’ve been preparing all semester, but we do it with colorful lights, funny sketches, quirky home-videos, and the adrenaline of finally showing off our hard work.

Still not convinced? Check out our media page and social media to get a glimpse of what #popslove truly is.

Prospective Members

To join the Michigan Pops Orchestra, you will need to sign up for an audition. Auditions are held at the beginning of the fall term and a smaller round of auditions is held at the beginning of the winter term. Check out the audition requirements! Please note that we do not provide instruments on a rental basis for our members. Each individual member is responsible for providing their own instrument throughout the concert season. 

Thank you anyone who auditioned for the fall semester. If you are still interested in joining Pops, we’ll be hosting our winter auditions some time after winter break. Check back and keep up to date in the meantime!

Due to the nature of this club, it’s important that you have enough time in your schedule to come to our rehearsals and attend our outreach and publicity events. Please take a look at the Pops membership agreement and our sample schedule for the semester.


Audition Requirements

  • Repertoire: Two excerpts of contrasting styles and tempo (up to 1 minute each).

  • New Members: One scale of your choice.

  • Returning Members: A scale of your choice & chromatic.

  • Instruments that can audition: flute, piccolo, oboe, english horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, harp, violin, viola, cello, bass.

  • Percussion: Percussionists wishing to audition should prepare one short excerpt for each of the following: snare, cymbals, mallets, and timpani.


Extra Information

Please note that, excluding percussionists, members are expected to provide their own instruments. If you are unable to, there are a myriad of string and winds shops in Ann Arbor that you can rent from.